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Woodland & Willow

Flat Socks

Flat Socks

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No Slip
The underside is a super grippy textured foam surface. These things seriously don't budge!

No Stink
FLAT SOCKS create a moisture-wicking barrier that saves your shoes from becoming a stinky swamp!

No Show
While you're out rockin' your FLAT SOCKS, they're your shoe’s best-kept secret!

Them’s Some Mighty Fine FLAT SOCKS.
How fine are they? Well, let’s say our southern friends might just say they’re finer than a frog hair split five ways. Our friends in the paper business might say they’re finer than eggshell paper. Our baker friends may feel tempted to say they’re finer than flour that has been through the mill several times. I’m being told to stop. Get finer with Fineapple FLAT SOCKS!

Top Fabric Material:
100% polyester bk mesh

Sizing: Up to women's size 11, men's size 10. 

Navy fit Women's up to size 13+ and Men's up to size 14

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